The Complete Writer

Copywriting isn’t about loving words.

It’s about being obsessed with ideas and having the wit, experience and craft skills to communicate them.

Ideas that transform businesses, brands and people – far beyond writing merely to persuade, inform or entertain. The secret of copywriting – and all great writing – is to tell the truth. The real, enduring truth of any brand or organisation has to be dug out,  probed and tested. Readers and consumers react powerfully and subconsciously to the truth whether it’s a comedian on a stage or just about any line from Shakespeare.

Copywriting isn’t writing in short sentences that are long on adjectives and easy to use cliches. It’s about bringing insights to life. What’s an insight? It’s what we really, really feel deep down about things. That’s the challenge. Insight. Truth. Idea.

Style, tone of voice, characterisation? Music, casting, direction? Poster, radio, web or long copy? Art house commercial or brochure? They are only techniques and vehicles along the way. If people don’t nod or smile at a truth well told, the copywriter has failed.