What do copywriters do when the phone doesn’t ring?

I had taken off from the corner of the desk as usual and done a couple of landing drills. Clear visibility and all systems working.

I flew to the coffee table, landed and then did a tour of the bookcases and the venetian blinds across the front of the house. There are often dangerous catabolic downdrafts here that can make flying a helicopter challenging.

Then back to the kitchen for some search and rescue over the fruit bowl and a long strafing run down the bench pulling up sharply over the coffee machine and turning back to the desk.

And then it happened. I think I may have been reaching for a biscuit at the time, but before I knew it the helicopter gained altitude too quickly and slammed into the louvres of the rear windows and crashed.

The blades would rotate but shudder. The gyro was out of line and the lack of control made flying impossible.

I was OK. Just a little shaken.